Thursday, September 22, 2011

sea salt caramels

(bequet celtic sea salt caramels via chelsea market baskets)

I am quite obsessed with salted caramels. I love the pairing of the buttery and chewy caramel with delicate flakes of salt. They are seriously. so. good. Since I am (clearly) head over heels for these little candies, I’ve tried a bagillion different varieties.

I always grab both Trader Joe’s holiday versions: the simple salted caramels and the chocolate covered fleur de sel caramels. Both are insanely affordable, which is a huge plus (especially considering some fancy salted caramels can run you $2 a piece – eek!). But I find that TJ’s salted caramels are a bit too hard and the chocolate covered ones are actually too rich for me (crazy, I know), probably because of the use of dark chocolate.

I love to try the freshly made, butcher-paper-wrapped salted caramels from bakeries around LA or on vacations. I grabbed a seriously giant caramel from Miette in San Francisco this past weekend. It took 4 bites to get through that sucker, and it was delicious, but just didn’t have enough salt for me. Sigh.

I’ve even attempted at making my own salted caramel. Well, I made a salted caramel sauce, not the actual candy. And it was pretty insanely good, if I do say so myself. (I completely attribute the sauce’s wonderful-ness to one of my favorite food bloggers – Smitten Kitchen). Even though I sat there – shamelessly – eating spoonfuls of salted caramel out of the fridge, I missed chewing on the real candy.

I finally came across my favorite salted caramel – Bequet Celtic Sea Salt Caramel! And, being the nice person I am, shared it with ALL of our wedding guests as our party favors. Seriously, almost half of our guests have expressed their undying love for these candies and have asked me how they can immediately order a shipment of caramels for their household. So I thought I would also share this caramel with all of you fine people. Some Whole Foods sell them, but not all. But you CAN buy them directly from their website. You will not be sorry. My advice: Order way more than seems reasonable. I have easily taken down a dozen in one sitting.

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