Friday, September 23, 2011

fall into autumn macarons at bottega

I swoon over French macarons. They’re so delicate and sweet and divine. I’ve tried making them once before, and I can now truly appreciate the effort that goes into making one of these little cookies (and I can understand why each one costs at least $1 wherever you go).

After dinner at Mas Malo last night (I’m such a sucker for the potato and cheese tacos), I headed over to Bottega Louie for a sweet fix. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had revamped their flavors for Fall. They still have some of the stand-by favorites - Tahitian Vanilla, Earl Grey, Rose, Raspberry – but they’re also serving Cinnamon Caramel and Chestnut Apricot. The Chestnut Apricot was my favorite of the newbies - Autumn spices and a tiny bit tangy. Plus the gift box ($10 for 5) is just so cute. It seriously makes the best hostess gift. Or "thanks for watching my dog for the weekend" gift – Thanks, Natalie :)


  1. Im pretty sure I could get you to actually pay ME to let you watch the dog. just sayin.

  2. I love macarons! I recently found an LA-based macaron company online that has the craziest flavors (vanilla olive oil, black truffle w/hazelnut). I get them shipped, so I don't have to deal with DTLA traffic.

  3. Those sound fantastic - especially the maple bacon milk chocolate! Thanks for sharing the link!