Thursday, December 15, 2011

holiday toasting necessity

I picked up these boxes of wine glasses last year before a wine tasting party and they have become my vital entertaining piece for all our holiday parties. They're from Cost Plus World Market, and each box ($24.99) holds 12 stemmed wine glasses. They're definitely glass but of some magical sort because we've experienced a few drops, but never a break.

I love that these boxes come pre-sectioned (sort of like wine boxes do), so that each glass has its place. And both have lids so they're easily stored in our closet when we're not using them.

You could completely make your own by swinging by your local grocery store and picking up a cardboard wine box and then heading over to ikea for their affordable wine glasses ($1.50 each). I truly think that 24 (so 2 boxes worth) is the perfect number to keep around.

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