Thursday, December 1, 2011

holiday cheer

It's the first of December which means it's officially the holiday season! I've got pine tree-scented candles burning in the loft, Christmas carols on repeat in the car, and lots of baking planned out for the next few weeks. 

I grew up in a Christmakkuh household and adore decorating for all of the holidays - including New Years. Here's some things that are making my days just a bit brighter:

our modern holiday centerpiece (a brand new lucite tray, some green succulents planted in gold vessles, clear votive candles, and some beautiful candlestick holders we received as a wedding gift with bright red candlesticks).

 a candy dish of red, green, and silver chocolates. a snow globe with overly joyful gingerbread men.

candles that fill the apartment with the smell of the holidays.

a menorah my mom gifted me several years ago. a "cheers" sign.

a vase filled with black, silver, and gold ornaments. some mercury glass votives i picked up at target and a mosaic glass candle holder. (you can sort of see our christmas tree in the background with its red tinsel and red and gold ornaments.)

felt stockings that hang from our bar (since we have no mantle).

a tradition of nutcrackers. my g-dmother purchase a nutcracker for me almost every christmas growing up. josh and i are continuing the tradition. this guy is from last year (our first year living together). we'll need to pick up another one for this season.

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