Wednesday, November 30, 2011

not your average christmas cookie

I love the idea of gifting homemade cookies for the holidays. I mean, cookies really do make the world a better place. But if I have to eat one more sugar cookie covered in royal icing and sprinkles...

Well, to be honest, if you baked me sugar cookies I'd be so appreciative and I'd probably gobble them right up. But there's so many other - better - options out there. Let's get creative people.

(sugar cookie sandwiches via a fabulous fete)

I'll start you off easy. This version uses sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles BUT look how they're adorably sandwiched. And they're presented so fabulously in that tray. Imagine using red/green sprinkles or gold/silver sprinkles?! You'd win my heart forever. 

(chocolate dipped madeleines via hello lisanne)

Madeleines are so dainty and pretty. They're more of a small cake bite than a true cookie. You could do no wrong with a beautifully wrapped box of these and a small bag of fresh Stumptown coffee beans. Can you imagine dipping these beauties in a mug of coffee while watching some old holiday movies? Yes, yes I can.

(fleur de sel caramel macarons via honey and soy)

I don't know if there's a truer sign of love and friendship than making someone homemade macarons. If it were me, I would carefully set these lovelies in a shoe box (lined with parchment paper, of course), wrap it in some kraft paper, and tie it up with red and white bakers twine. For your friends and family who truly love the macaron, maybe buy them this book as well. 

(peanut butter bacon blondies via how sweet eats)

Am I stretching the cookie concept with these blondies? It's totally worth it. There's bacon! (Yeah, you just got a little excited, didn't you?!) These are perfect for those friends who claim they prefer savory over sweet or just for anyone who loves a bit of bacon in their lives (like me!). These would look pretty awesome sitting on a platter wrapped in clear cellophane. You could go the extra mile and tie a few mini Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bars within the ribbon. 

For those of you lacking in the "spare time department" this holiday season, I've got an idea for you too!

(momofuku milk bar compost cookies via lwood15)

You can order deliciously unique cookies from the famous Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. My personal favorites are the corn cookies and the compost cookies (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, chocolate chips).

Happy Baking!

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