Wednesday, November 23, 2011

what we're thankful for

The Top Ten Things We're Thank For
...a los angeles edible/drinkable version...

10. Shaved Snow at Class 302

9. Punch Bowl at A Frame

8. Jungle Curry at Jitlada

(image via rock my palate)

7. Butterscotch Budino at the Mozzas

6. Eggs Benedict at Tavern

(image via estarla)

5. Red Hook Cocktail at The Varnish

(image via cocktailia)

4. Godmother Sandwich at Bay Cities Delis

(image via potatomato)

3. Belgian Cut Fries at Wurstkuche

(image via the delicious life)

2. Grilled Cheese and Beer Night at Andrew's Cheese Shop

(image via food gps)

1. Mendocino Farms Anything (save drakes salad and pork belly banh mi rank high up there)

(image via taste terminal)

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