Thursday, November 3, 2011

chi-town bound!

We're off for a short vacay to Chicago. The purpose is mostly business, but we're making sure to work in some fun dinners, cocktails, and even a birthday celebration. The only issue is - there's so many fantastic places in Chicago, we can't make up our mind where to go.

Here's some of our dilemmas:

(image via the paupered chef)

chicago-style hot dog...but do we go with chubby weiners or murphy's red hots?

sunday brunch...our tried and true staple, tempo cafe, or a new adventure to m. henry, which has crazy good reviews?

(image via joonbug)

cocktails in the city...the violet hour or the drawing room?

chocolate croissants...i wrote a post here about how we're constantly searching for the best chocolate croissant - i wasn't kidding! we'll be checking out either lovely: a bake shop or vanille patisserie

(images via sweet tooth of chicago and unbreaded)

celebrity chef chocolate for mindy segal's divine desserts or xoco for rick bayless' sandwiches?

You might think we're absolutely insane, but the one thing we didn't include one our list is deep dish pizza. I know, I know. It's practically criminal not to get deep dish pizza in Chicago. I just can't do it. I love thin crust. And you can't say I haven't tried - I've been both to Pizzeria Uno and to Lou Malnati's. It's just not my thing. Give me New York or Neopolitan pizza any day.

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