Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pain au chocolat

I wasn't always the biggest fan of chocolate croissants. I liked simple butter croissants or the ones filled with raspberry preserves. I thought the chocolate was sort of chalky and too sweet for the morning.

And then I took a little trip to Paris. And I fell in loooove with pain au chocolat (you will instantly feel fancier if you start calling them by their French name).

Josh and I have scoured many a city for a good chocolate croissant. Claude's in New York and Pain Du Jour in Santa Monica make some delicious ones. But there's nothing more convenient that Trader Joe's frozen chocolate croissants. We always have at least one box in the freezer.

It may not be the most authentic or use the finest chocolate, but the outside is flaky, the inside is soft and chewy, and they taste incredible straight from the oven. They're also the easiest thing to make - you put them on a tray overnight and bake them for 20 minutes at 350 degrees in the morning. Plus, they run about $1 per croissant, which I challenge you to beat - at least in NY or LA.

If you stand around barefoot in your kitchen eating piping hot chocolate croissants and homemade cappuccinos (like we did on Saturday)...I guarantee you will have a lovely morning.

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