Friday, November 11, 2011

a birthday party sneak peak

Today's my birthday - 11/11/11! Since I'm an absolute lover of all things entertaining and cooking related (well except for cutting onions), I decided to throw myself a birthday party. An intimidate sit down dinner party at our loft, to be exact. Josh, Chris, Natalie, and I worked till pretty late last night getting the table set up and prepping the food.

The party is green, white, and gold themed. So I constructed some invitations within the color scheme. I think that mailed invitations are such a treat to receive, and these were a breeze to make. I used some free fonts from dafont and assembled the rest in Word.

There will be plenty of pictures of all the decorations, food, and cocktails. (I may have to skip over meatless monday next week because I'll be too excited to share.) what time is it appropriate for the birthday girl to toast the day with champagne? i mean, 11/11/11 only comes once!...

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