Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taco Secrets

I love Mexican food. I mean, who doesn't?! But you know what I love better? Great Mexican food at even better prices. Here's a list of some my friends' and my favorite places to hit up...

Beef and Pickle Hard Shelled Tacos from Malo
Happy hour all Monday night. $1-$3 gourmet tacos with cocktail specials. The beef and pickle tacos are fantastic!

Address: 326 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90029 (Silverlake)

El Tarasco
Great late night (or post beach day) greasy food. The boys usually get the steak burritos, but I'm a fan of the quesadilla. Most items are $5-$7, you can also go to their website and print coupons.
Address: 316 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach 90266 (They have multiple locations but I go to the South Bay one)

Al Pastor Sope

King Taco
I dream of their al pastor sope and their horchata. And their salsa. OMG their salsa. All food items $2-$6.
Address: 45 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeels 90015 (several locations as well)

La Taquiza
If you're ever in the USC area, this place is a must go. They make a mulita, which is basically 3 stacked slightly crispy tortillas with cheese, guacamole, and your choice of meat mixed in. Also, if you're in a (slightly) healthy mood, the california salad is great. It's nachos (the not healthy part) with salad, avocado, chicken, and veggies on top (the healthy part).
Address: 3026 S Figueroa, Los Angeles 90007

Poquito Mas slogan

Poquito Mas
My friend Ashley and her boyfriend Aaron LOVE this place. They're crazy about the $1.75 poquito taco, the carnitas burrito, and the simmered chicken quesadilla.
This place also got a 21 for food on Zagat (which isn't typical of inexpensive Mexican restaurants)
Address: 2635 W Olive Ave, Burbank 91505 (with other locations)

- Bleu


  1. Poquito is DELICIOUS! Can't beat MALO Monday's though.. so good and soo cheap!

  2. These places are ok, but if it's real tacos you want, you must hit the "La Estrella" (the Star in Spanish) taco truck in Highland Park on the corner of Ave. 54 and York Blvd. They also have a location in Pasadena on North Fair Oaks. But this place is by far the best tacos and burritos in the city! Far better than King Taco!