Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spitz and the Glorious Doner

le TI've been to Spitz a few times over the past year, and every time I whine, "Why have I waited so long to come back here?" I swear, if I lived in the Little Tokyo area, I would eat here at least once a week. It's really that good.

The restaurant is located in Little Tokyo, nearby Sushi Komasa (my favorite sushi place ever, but we'll discuss in a future post). It's got that whole unfinished, warehouse look, and it's run by a young staff, so it's the perfect atmosphere for us young people. Not stuffy in the least bit. The place is separated into 3 main areas: dining, bar, and patio. You order at the counter, grab your number, and then take a seat wherever.

Red Sangria with Cardamon and Cinnamon [Flickr]

In terms of drinks, you're looking at wine, beer, or sangria. The most recent time I went, there were red, white, and rose options of sangria. I went with the cinnamon and cardamon red sangria, which was great and had quite the kick to it. Bourbon was happy with the short list of unique beers, from which he ordered the Craftsman Poppysfield Pale Ale. Spitz also hosts the "least un-happy hour" (haha) Monday-Friday 3-7PM and ALL DAY on Saturday and Sunday. The deal includes $3 beer, $4 sangria and $1 hummus and pita strips. yum.

The main food options consist of the Doner, salad, or plate (meat entree with all the fixings). I've personally only ordered the Doner, which I would recommend entirely and is what the restaurant is known for. The Spitz Doner is basically a healthy gyro or wrap, with your choice of meat, veggies, and cucumber sauce. I say healthy, because the meat is not overly greasy, the veggies are fresh, and they don't overload on the sauce.

The Classic Doner with Lavash Bread and Sweet Potato Fries [Flickr]

Here are the details:

Bread options: focaccia or lavash
Meat options: Classic (lamb and beef), chicken, falafelite (chickpeas with spices), or veggie

Each donor comes with homemade tzaziki sauce, chili sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, and green pepper

Prices: $6-$6.47 for just the doner, $8.50-$9.24 for the doner meal with drink and 1 side

For all you sweet tooths out there, Spitz is also known for their top rated gelato. The flavors change constantly, but I ordered the peanut butter chocolate, and it was phenomenal.


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