Monday, September 28, 2009

DineLA Fall 2009

Restaurant week is coming yet again to Los Angeles. For all of you that are well practiced at this week of dining deals, please excuse me while I fill the newbies in:

Approximately 100 restaurants in L.A. will be hosting a Restaurant Week menu (in addition to the normal menu). The menu includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert, per person, and typically offers about 2-3 options in each of the aforementioned categories. Depending on the price point of the restaurant (deluxe $, premier $$, or fine $$$), there is a specific set price -- not including tip, tax, or drinks -- for each menu. Some restaurants offer the menu at lunch and dinner, while others serve the pre-fixe only at one or the other. So make sure to call the restaurant or check the DineLA website ahead of time, so you're not disappointed when you arrive to your reservation.

The important facts:
Dates: Oct 4-9 and Oct 11-16
Prices: Lunch ($16, $22, or $28); Dinner ($26, $34, $44)

While I do completely encourage each of you getting out there and trying a restaurant or two (or twelve...), I do feel obligated to make my disclaimer that I always tell people, especially the not-so-big eaters: Would you normally order an appetizer, entree, and dessert? Just for yourself? If you answered yes, then fabulous. Restaurant week is for you. If not, sometimes you get wrapped up in the whole idea of a "good deal," that you forget you normally would have only ordered a $20 entree and been good to go. (Versus paying $44 for the whole sha-bang). My solution? Not everyone has to order off the restaurant week menu. One person can order the 3 courses, while the other simply gets an entree. This may not be entirely kosher, but it sure saves a few dollars.

Now onto a few of my recommendations. My qualifications - not only is the restaurant supposed to be delicious, but it's also a fabulous deal (i.e. bang for your buck)

1. The Deluxe Category (L $16, D $22)

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa - Sushi/Japanese Cuisine (Marina Del Rey, Brentwood)
Ketchup - American Cuisine (West Hollywood)
Taste on Melrose - California Cuisine (West Hollywood)
Corkbar - California Cuisine (Downtown)
Essex Public House - California Cuisine (Hollywood)
BLD - Contemporary Cuisine (MidCity)

2. The Premier Category (L $22, D $34)

Rivera - Latin America Cuisine (Downtown)
Fig - California Cuisine (Santa Monica)
Chaya - California/Fusion Cuisine (Downtown, Beverly Hills, Venice)
Cube Cafe and Marketplace - Italian Cuisine (MidCity)
Campanile - California Cuisine (MidCity)
Anisette Brasserie - French Cuisine (Santa Monica)

3. The Fine Category (L $28, D $44)

Spago - California Cuisine (Beverly Hills)
Mr. Chow - Chinese Cuisine (Beverly Hills)
Jiraffe - California Cuisine (Santa Monica)
Craft - Contemporary Cuisine (Century City)
Arroyo Chop House - Steakhouse Cuisine (Pasadena)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres - Eclectic Cuisine (Beverly Hills)

Get on over to Open Table and make those reservations before everyone else beats you to it.

Update: Carrie from dineLA let me know that there's actually 260 restaurants participating this year. wow! so get on over to the site and make some reservations :)



  1. Hi, Bleu. Thanks for posting the info on dineLA Restaurant Week! You'd mentioned 100 restaurants...we actually have 260 this year. Even more to choose from. :)
    Bon appetit!

  2. Thanks Carrie! I've added an update above so that readers know about all the restaurant participation. Thanks for the tip!