Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food Truck Mania

So I thought everyone knew about the L.A. food truck craze. In fact, I thought everyone was pretty much overwhelmed by the vast amount of gourmet, affordable food literally rolling up to their doorsteps everywhere. But yesterday, at work, I found myself having to explain to my co-workers that food trucks were the new trend. And explaining that, no, food trucks were not necessarily synonymous with taco trucks.

According to LAist's round-up as of Sept 9, 2009, Los Angeles currently has (or is expecting very shortly) 32 gourmet food trucks. I rounded up my opinion of the 5 you have to visit. Please post if you have a favorite I haven't listed, or if you try something fabulous at one these trucks:

You can follow all these trucks on twitter in order to locate their whereabouts

Kogi BBQ
The original fancy L.A. food truck
Menu: Asian/Mexican flare..tacos (Short ribs and pork are amazing), sliders, burritos, quesadillas, and now the spam meatloaf (hmm?) and chocolate tres-leches cake
Prices: Generally $2-$6
FYI: Kogi BBQ also has a kitchen at The Alibi Room in Culver City. I believe the food is about $1-$2 more, but you skip the insane lines.
Twitter: Kogibbq

Nom Nom
Menu: Vietnamese banh mi (chicken, grilled pork, BBQ pork, veggie) and tacos
Defined: Banh mi is a sandwich generally on a skinny baguette with mayonnaise, jalapenos, cilantro, and pickled carrots and onions. (Personally I think the BBQ pork goes best with those flavors)
Prices: $5 sandwiches, $7-$10 combos
Twitter: nomnomtruck

Cool Haus
only natural I list this...I am an ice cream addict.
Menu: 5 ice cream sandwiches (I think the Oatmeal Cinnamoneo with oatmeal cookies and cinnamon ice cream sounds delightful)
Prices: $3-$3.50
Um, Cool!: The wrapper is made out of rice paper and can actually be eaten too!
Twitter: Coolhaus

Grilled Cheese Truck
The truck is expected to be rolling out in Oct. YAY! Who doesn't love a gooey grilled cheese?!
Menu: 4-5 grilled cheese sandwiches. The menus not finite yet, but they've been rapidly posting ideas on Twitter like "butternut squash gruyere melt with balsamic reduction and thyme" and "Hawaiian bread, roasted banana spread, nutella, pb, and marshmallow")
Prices: no news on the price front (and I did quite the research), but I will report when I hear!
Twitter: Grlldcheesetruk

The Gastrobus
Menu: Sandwiches (steak, pulled pork, veggie, smoked bacon) and sweet potato fries -- i've read these fries are amazing.
Prices: $6 sandwiches, $2.50 fries
Twitter: gastrobus

Enjoy your meals on wheels, kids!

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