Monday, May 21, 2012

Upcoming: Europe and Chicago

(a customized flight of beers at The Bruery Provisions)

Sooo there's a ton of things happening around this part of town. And somehow it all falls back on the word of the year: BEER.

Side note - when we were packing up/starting the move this past weekend, we counted about 100 (yes, one hundred) bottle of beers. Not little individual bottles, but big 750ml (i.e. wine-sized) bottles. Somehow Josh managed to keep them all in boxes in the back of our closet. But 100?! I swear he has Mary Poppins boxes.


You see what I did there? I totally, smoothly mentioned "packing" and "moving," but then segued into some fun fact about Josh. But, yes it's true. We're moving. Away from my beloved Los Angeles.

Okay, melodrama aside. I'm really excited. Like, remember when you were excited for the 1st day of school back in elementary school? That kind of excited. Josh will be attending Kellogg (at Northwestern University) to get his MBA. I could not be prouder!

The beer market in Chicago is sort of absurdly amazing. There's tons of microbrews located in the area. And, Coors has a huge corporate office there. This is all pretty ideal, since Josh is hoping to make a career out of beer one day.

BUT, I'm not done. Before the big move to Chicago, we're heading out to Europe for 6 glorious weeks. And - somehow - our itinerary seems to hit up all the best beer cities in the world (Dublin, Vienna, Munich, etc.)

We'll be posting pictures to the blog throughout the whole trip. Excuse us ahead of time if there's a disproportionate amount of beer pictures.

Since our kitchen is entirely boxed up, we can't exactly cook much. So for the next couple of weeks, stayed tuned for lots of dining out and "Best of LA" lists.

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