Friday, February 17, 2012

an oscars cocktail party menu

(image via twig and thistle)

Do you feel that? The anticipation in the air? That's me. Squirming in my seat because I can't wait for the Oscars.

I mean, really, what's there not to love? The dresses. The speeches. The return of Billy Crystal! 

(image via bon appetit)

What better way to spend this evening than with a few friends over cocktails and crostinis (and of course, competitive betting over each category's winners). 

I've put together a menu - just elegant enough (but not overly stuffy)  - for a cocktail affair with gussied up popcorn (duh, it's the movies), crostinis, and champagne. 

(image via zested)

If you need any ideas for decorating for an Oscar party, please immediately head over to Twig and Thistle for an amazing party spread.

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