Friday, January 27, 2012

monkey gland cocktail

I found myself sitting at home with some homemade grenadine (post on that to come another day) and fresh oranges for the first time in awhile. I was craving a lighter cocktail, but something that still had some complexity (read: flavor changer) to it. Enter the Monkey Gland cocktail!

Monkey Gland w/ ingredients (and yes I am storing my grenadine in an empty Plymouth bottle)

A classic cocktail that dates back to the 1920's, the Monkey Gland employs the fresh balance of orange juice or grenadine set against a pop of juniper and an anise-flavored spirit. The original recipe called for Absinthe, but Pastis, Pernod, or other anise spirits work just as well (I always have Pernod on hand for a sazerac, so that is what I used). As always, the key is to use fresh orange juice and real pomegranate grenadine.

Monkey Gland
(adapted from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails)

Teaspoon Grenadine
Teaspoon Pernod (light teaspoon if using absinthe)
1.5 oz Plymouth Gin
1.5 oz Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice

I love this cocktail because of its relatively simple ingredient list and the subtlety of flavors. Nothing about this cocktail rushes to the forefront, but rather the elements of fruit and spice weigh lightly on your palate after each sip.


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