Friday, December 23, 2011

happy holidays!

As I write this, I'm sitting in the ophthalmologist's waiting room. Josh is getting LASIK eye surgery! The poor boy is practically blind with 2 severe astigmatisms. So the saying "have a merry and bright holiday season" is truly going to mean something to him.

We're looking forward to a low-key weekend of R&R with the family. There are books to be read (I still haven't opened my copy of The Help), more movies to be watched (we watched Midnight in Paris this week and it was fabulous), a trip to Europe to be planned (I cannot contain my excitement!), Christmas Eve enchiladas to be eaten (with mounds of re-fried beans because secretively those are my favorite), and champagne to be toasted (if  this little sore throat would just go away).

Most importantly, there's family to be hugged and endless things to be thankful for. Thank you all for reading our blog. We love living life through our epicurean adventures and telling you about them brings us such JOY!

Happy Holidays!

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