Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the queen bee

We discovered this cocktail out at a restaurant in LA. Josh recreated it at home, and I actually think his version is much better. It's light and mellow, but feels festive from the champagne. It would be the perfect cocktail to greet a guest with for any dinner party.

The Queen Bee
(makes 2 flutes)

1 3/4 ounces rum
1 ounce fresh lime juice
3/4 ounce runny honey*
175 ml of sparkling wine or champagne

*To make runny honey, add 1 part hot water to 2 parts honey. Stir until the honey dissolves.

Add rum, lime juice, and runny honey into a shaker over ice. Vigorously shake. Strain cocktail into champagne flutes and top with sparkling wine or champagne.


  1. I am so happy to have found this blog (been following for about a month now). Your cocktail recipes can't be beat! Thanks for sharing!