Thursday, October 13, 2011

dreaming of homemade ice cream

You know when you go to restaurants and people say are you a "fruit dessert person" or a "chocolate dessert person"? Well, I'm a neither. I'm an ice cream dessert person. I'd rather have a scoop of simple ice cream over any cake, cookie, fancy molten chocolate thing - you get the idea.

We purchased an ice cream maker so I can make homemade batches. You get my fix every now and then. I posted about an awesome guinness ice cream recipe that we had for a while. I also made a chocolate banana batch. But other than that, we've hardly used it. It's really a shame. It's the easiest ice cream machine ever.

We hired Coolhaus to make ice cream sandwiches for our wedding. Their flavors are so outlandish and amazing (balsamic fig and mascarpone and brown butter with candied bacon are two of my favorites), and I'm newly inspired to whip up some ice cream.

...basic recipes...

(vanilla ice cream via david lebovitz)

(strawberry ice cream via the faux martha)

(chocolate ice cream via forty cakes)

(mint chip ice cream via david lebovitz)

...decadent recipes...

(oatmeal cookie chunk ice cream via dinner or dessert)

(pumpkin ice cream via williams-sonoma)

(reeses peanut butter cup ice cream via recipe girl)

(no cook fig mint ice cream via southern living)

...unusually delicious recipes...

(chunky elvis ice cream via snappy gourmet)

(sweet corn ice cream with salted caramel sauce via taste and tell)

(buttermilk ice cream via smitten kitchen)

(cherry bourbon ice cream via southern living)

(salted caramel and candied bacon ice cream via spoon fork bacon) personal favorite...

(cookies and cream ice cream via a little bite of everything)

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