Thursday, October 20, 2011

blended soups

After an unfortunate episode with my blender a few weeks back (metal spoon + active blender = broken blender), I've been blender-less. My magic bullet has been great at making morning smoothies, but it's not quite so convenient for soup making since the cup only holds so many ounces.

Last night, I gave in. I bought an immersion blender! It's coming in a few days, and I am oh-so-excited. Excited enough to search endlessly for soup recipes that I will be immediately making. Here are a few that I found especially enticing:

(chilled leek and zucchini soup with pancetta via cook and be merry)

(broccoli cheddar soup via handle the heat)

(pureed mushroom soup via une-deux senses)

(sweet corn soup via cheese and chocolate)

(pear soup with pancetta and blue cheese via five and spice)

(cauliflower soup via the novice chef blog)

(pumpkin, coconut and lime soup via verses from my kitchen)

(baked potato and leek soup via sweet sugar bean)

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