Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dinner at downtown's church & state

I went to dinner earlier this week at Church & State with my friend Ashley. I’ve been once but long before Chef Jeremy Berlin took over.  The food and wine were fantastic and appropriately priced. It’s the perfect spot for a date and has this romantic tone to it. We stuck with wine, but I’ve heard their cocktails are extremely drinkable.

The bread and butter were divine. I seriously love it when bread comes out hot – the butter just spreads so well! Each table has a little basin of coarse sea salt. Sprinkle some on the bread and butter. Utter perfection. (Josh has been to Church & State umpteen times and would like me to mention that their appetizer of bread with French Normandy butter will blow your mind….we just stuck with the free bread and we were very happy).

Ashley and I were feeling very adventurous (maybe it was the rose we were drinking on empty stomachs…) and ordered the bone marrow appetizer to split. I will admit, the consistency is a tad bit “jiggly.” But once I got over that, the taste was insanely good. Just imagine you’re eating butter, but really really luxurious butter. Spread on garlic toast. Topped with radish salt. Seriously so good.

Next up was the fig and caramelized onion tart. Oh. My. Goodness. Hands down, this was our favorite pick of the night. It was oozing in delicious cheese and the crust was thin and crispy so you could focus on the toppings and not the breadiness below.

We rounded out the night with the veal breast with pea puree, turnips, and cipollini onions. The veal was so soft you didn’t even need a knife, and it paired perfectly with the fresh peas and slightly bitter onions and turnips.

1850 Industrial St, #100
Los Angeles 90021
213 405 1434

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