Friday, August 5, 2011

Farmers' Markets and Fresh Produce

Roman Farmers' Market

I have found that you can make the most wonderful food simply out of fresh ingredients. You don't need a complicated recipe or expensive items like truffles and kobe beef. A good meal just requires in-season produce and family and friends.

I adore going to farmers' markets without a menu or grocery list. I usually do a lap to see what looks good and is at a fair price. Then I purchase my goods and off we go. We call these days Farmers' Market Meals, where we hang out in the kitchen for hours, cooking lots of small plates, drinking wine, and eating each dish as it's ready. We shared one of these days with our friends' Chris and Natalie, and, based off her blog post, I'm pretty sure they had a blast.

Josh brought home some fresh tomatoes from his coworkers' garden that we get to enjoy this evening. I'm thinking that bruschetta could be the perfect appetizer.

Tomatoes for the Weekend

Various Fruit in Capri

Squash Blossoms in Radda in Chianti
Papayas in Hawaii

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