Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babycakes -- the healthy side of sweets

This morning we headed over to Babycakes NYC for the second time. It's the newest bakery to make the jump from New York, and it specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free pastries. They bake up everything from cookies and cupcakes to breakfast goods like biscuits, donuts, and cinnamon buns.

We know what you're thinking -- how could any bakery that eliminates sugar, butter, and gluten be any good? Well, we don't know the exact science behind it -- but this place is DELICIOUS.

Our past two visits have both been in the morning, so we've tried out mainly breakfast items -- chocolate glazed donut, coconut lemon donut, biscuit with raspberry jam and vanilla, and blueberry crumb cake. Buuuttt we also managed to sneak in a miniature chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Babycakes NYC serves gluten-free items and pastries sweetened with agave, as well as vegan treats made with spelt (a less processed grain that is an ancient relative of wheat, but contains gluten). The great thing about these ingredients is they don't give you that sugar high and crash. And they fill you up for quite some time and make you feel good, not guilty about your sweet tooth.

Our favorite of the treats would have to be the biscuit (with raspberry jam and vanilla) and the cookie sandwich. We know, random right? This biscuit is creamy and flaky, with a generous helping of raspberry jelly and some vanilla custard-like spread. It went perfectly with our Stumptown coffee. (and yes, they serve real milk to go with the coffee. Bleu was nervous about that one). The cookie sandwich was made up of two chocolate chip cookies with a big spoonful of vanilla frosting in between. Again, the right mix of sweet and creamy. We opted for the mini the first time (only because it was with breakfast), but we could go for a full-sized one (or two!) next time.

B&b's Savings Secret: Monday is "Day Old Day" and all stock is 50% off!

Babycakes Bakery
Downtown LA
130 6th Street (in between Main and Los Angeles)

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